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Certify. prevents Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and stops the spread of them, making online dating safer.

We deal with a challenge that is difficult to discuss but affects our health, and the health of our partners.

 The Rates Of STIs Are At Their Highest Rates Ever. 


People are diagnosed with an STI every day

World Health Organization


growth in PrEP (HIV prevention pill) adoption rate

AIDSVu organization


of young adults do not use condoms



A Private & Confidential Solution Designed To Maintain Sexual Health 


Use regular testing to keep the community members safe


A tracking & tracing tool to anonymously inform their past partners


Medical tips and advice from professionals and community members


Join Our Network of Clinics

Certify partners with STI centers, providing a comprehensive CRM including customer acquisition, management, and advanced analytics.

Home STI Test Kits

Reach out to more users who are looking for online STI test kits.

Dating App Safety 

Certify partners with dating apps to make their platform safer and more resilient.

Certify's mission is to prevent STIs and to stop the spread of them. 

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