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Protected Community

of Sexual Partners

Certify. is a network designed to mitigate and prevent the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). 

We collaborate with Health institutes, testing providers, and dating apps to keep our members STI free.


People are diagnosed with an STI every day

WHO world health organization


YOY growth of PrEP users Replacing condoms, therefore people are

STI venerable.

AIDSVu organization


of young adults do not use condoms

CDC The Centers for Disease

Control & Prevention

A safeguard for a global behavioral change


We offer multilayered security designed to maintain sexual health within the community.

Certified Network

Our network is resilient and demands quarterly STI testing from users. We issue "certificates" which users can share with partners before meetings.

Anonymous Reporting

In case of infection (network breach), we provide users with an anonymous reporting tool, informing past partners to take necessary steps to stop the spread of infection.

Treatment & Guidance

We provide guidance to users with infections, explaining the required steps to regain and maintain perfect sexual health.


Join Our Growing Network of Clinics

Certify partners with STI centers, providing a comprehensive CRM including customer acquisition, management, and advanced analytics.


We facilitate the entire customer cycle from booking an appointment to getting treatment when necessary. Centers provide international standards for testing, and we take care of the rest. 

Become an Official Reseller

Certify provides a marketplace for STI home test kits providers. We create demand and manage customer communication.


Together, we deliver convenient, confidential and accurate health testing to users.


Dating App Security 

Certify partners with dating apps to make their platform safer and more resilient using integrated SDK. We provide users with the option to mutually verify health status before meetings.

Our mission is to make online dating safer.

Reduce STI spread, protect casual partners and raise awareness 

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